Why Choose Us

Woco.Solar, a leader in Solar Outdoor Lighting is pleased to provide this proposal regarding solar street lights and the usage of solar energy indoors. Solar usage outdoors/indoors is committed to providing the best solution for your market using LED lighting. In order to best meet your needs, we have proposed a solution that is cost-effective and saves you a tremendous amount of money over the next 15 to 20 years during which time you will spend very little on maintenance. Also provided are references that we feel will help you to better understand our strengths and market presence.


Our Goals

Street/Security Lighting needs to satisfy the citizens for decades—it is infrastructure for the community.

We believe you must make an intensive study of the provider of the equipment and of the equipment itself.

Our goals, for your examination, are:

  • Provide the highest quality equipment
  • Provide the newest, proven, technology
  • Provide the longest warranty
  • Provide experience and referrals for projects of the order of this magnitude
  • Demonstrate financial stability as the equipment producer so that the buyer can be confident that warranty claims will be honored.
  • Give you confidence that the production timetables will be met.
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What We Offers


Woco.Solar takes the engineering aspect as the number one priority for customer satisfaction. Like Philips and General Electric, Woco.Solar first attention is to providing the best lighting.
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Brightest Light

Max-Lite Reflector. Woco.Solar is one of many solar companies that uses a reflector that is placed behind the light in order to enhance the light output and direction coming out of the fixture—The Max-Lite Reflector produces the brightest light available when comparing identical wattage lamps.
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Longest Life

Woco.Solar provides the longest-lasting lamps. Woco.Solar always concentrates on giving the longest life components so as to minimize maintenance. Today, the Woco.Solar LED has a life of 100,000+ hours (see below), while yellow low-pressure sodium offers 18,000 hours (This is your typical non-solar powered streetlight).
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LED breakthrough

Woco.Solar proprietary optical technology maximizes light delivered to the target area which is also maintenance-free. LEDs are in a solid state; there is no gas within, no mercury, and no moving parts.
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White Light

The 576 LEDs have a Kelvin rating of 5100. The light is white, eliminating glare to the eye caused by Low-Pressure Sodium. The white light enables shapes and colors to be seen more easily, and more truly, than under a yellow light.
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Solid state (like a computer chip) LEDs do not shatter
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Light Pollution Eliminated

LED’s are directional. They optimize the use of the light, directed downward at the roadway, avoiding light pollution.
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Power Management, Patent Pending

The design delivers the most light while consuming the least energy. The LED is programmable (unlike the CFL, CCFL, and LPS light sources).
Woco.Solar is therefore able to provide power management, programming, and adjusting the power and light levels to maximize the energy during periods of prolonged cloudy weather.
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Woco.Solar has imported thousands of solar lights in the past 10 years in Guinea. We are currently in the process of taking the same action in Liberia and looking forward to expanding in North America.
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References in Africa

Presidents and Prime Ministers of Guinea and Liberia.
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Warranty Claims

Woco.Solar provides the longest and strongest warranty in the solar lighting business (see attached). There are no outstanding claims under the warranty. This is just one demonstration of proof of the integrity of Woco. Solar and its financial strength.

The claims under warranty are honored quickly. (For any supplier to suggest there will be no claims is dishonest. Controllers and transformers contain computer parts that fail, sometimes randomly. With such a large order there could be occasional failures.) Replacing the same parts immediately and expeditiously is the key to success. Having spare parts (initially provided by Woco. Solar at no extra cost), in order to enable the end user to have them on hand immediately so that downtime under the warranty is minimal, guarantees success. We are proud to present the solar lighting solution that follows immediately.

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